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Metalot3C is short for Metalot Circularity Center Cranendonck. Metalot3C is an R&D center, which is part of the wider Metalot facility plot. It will be a high-quality knowledge development and application center with an international focus aimed at accelerating developments in the area of non-ferrous metals and energy. It consolidates know-how for sustainable production and recycling for metals in combination with renewable energies (circular

Metalot3C will have a mix of top students from vocational training, BSc colleges and MSc programmes who will jointly participate in a multilevel and multidisciplinary project group coached by a dedicated team of professionals and supported by dedicated training and educational institutes. This year, the first batch of students from Eindhoven University of Technology has graduated at Metalot3C. Beneath, the research reports from the students will be published.

Research reports: