Cradle of open innovation in the fully circular use of metals and energy.

Metalot is a unique international environment in the Brainport and Keyport region where innovation, research, entrepreneurship and education meet and form open innovation clusters.

By combining advanced knowledge and experience of scientists, governments, students and entrepreneurs, Metalot accelerates the revolutionary, sustainable, circular developments in the area of metals and energy. The ambition is to achieve a full reuse of resources and the CO2 neutral application of metals and energy. Metalot offers (inter)national and local opportunities for entrepreneurs, students and residents.

The Nyrstar premises and surroundings are developed with an eye for innovation, economic aspects, people and with respect for nature. With its green surroundings, proximity to the Brainport and Keyport region and its multimodal accessibility by road, rail, water and air, Cranendonck is the ideal base of operations.

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At Metalot there is room for multiple initiatives:

Metalot Site

The development of this unique location focuses on sustainability and industrial symbiosis. This industrial estate is suitable for a wide range of companies, educational and research institutions, aiming to work together towards a circular economy.


The Metalot Circularity Center Cranendonck (Metalot3C) is a research & development center aimed at revolutionary developments in renewable energy and the circular use of metals. A hotspot where parties work together on the basis of an open innovation concept. This high-value international cooperation ensures the (accelerated) application of all present and future knowledge. Read more


Metaworks offers workplacements for people who are distanced from the labour market at Metalot3C, Metaluon and the Metalot Site. It is especially important for these people to increase their skills and competences, and with that their self-respect, in the hope they increase their chances of a paid job.


The Metaluon, Metalot’s experience center, shows the history of Budel-Dorplein and the ‘zinc factory’ (now Nyrstar) from start to present day. Metalot’s opportunities in terms of circular economy, energy and metals are presented in an accessible, challenging and inspiring set-up.

Metalot Nature

At Metalot Nature there is ample attention to nature. About 400 hectares of land – Heikikkergebied and Heilig Hartpark (cooling and clearing ponds) – will be designated as ‘Metalot Nature’. It involves respect for the natural habitat of endangered species and there is room for leisure activities and nature experience. This area can be reached by a new access road, a wish of the inhabitants of Budel-Dorplein.

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