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Publication: 26 oktober 2020

Unique demonstration of iron fuel

Proudly we present you the news that Metal Power Consortium will provide an unique demonstration of the first industrial iron stoked installation in the world, this coming Thursday! We invite you– on behalf of Team Solid and her partners – to (virtually) attend the demonstration of world’s first industrial iron stoked installation and toast to the first CO2-reducing beers on October 29th at 13:00 (UTC + 2) at www.ironfuel.nl. We hope to see you there!

Flame driven by iron

“Five years ago three students, under supervision of Prof. Philip de Goey of the Technical University of Eindhoven thought they could make the impossible possible. After months and months of research, failing tests and trying again and again, they did it. They created a flame. This flame caused a new sort of fire. This flame was not driven by gas, oil or other fossil fuels. No, this flame was driven by iron.

First industrial iron-driven installation

Ever since we have worked on improving this technology and now it is time to reveal the first industrial iron-driven installation in the world! This installation will take the first steps towards delivering CO2-free energy to the brewing process of Bavaria. It shows the potential of iron fuels, as a clean replacement of fossil fuels. A step towards a more sustainable world.”

Credits: Mees van den Ekart

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