Metalot@Work: workshops organized by Metalot and partners to present the progress of maturing the Iron Power concept to play a vital role in global renewable energy trade.


Metalot@Work series 2024


Sparked by the urge for and the uptake of sustainable energy, our energy infrastructure will soon be in need for energy carriers that can be easily transported and traded, and that can release their energy at the place and time needed. Notwithstanding the important transition to direct electrification of (industrial) processes, the increase in electricity consumption already reaches the limit of our grid capacity and raises the question whether all energy should be transported via the grid. On the other hand, other regions have far more ideal conditions to harvest solar and wind energy, but need to find economic ways to get that energy at the right place and time. The concept of Iron Power has great potential to address both sides and to become an energy carrier of importance for global, large-scale import and distribution of renewable energy.

Then join the series of mid-day workshops organized by Metalot and partners to present the progress made on maturing the Iron Power concept to play a vital role in the trading of sustainable energy around the globe.

Save the date: Metalot@work 2024

Session 1: March 20, 2024
Session 2: July 3, 2024
Session 3: September 25, 2024
Session 4: December 4, 2024


Workshop 1: March 22th, 2023:  Open the Iron Power Cycle, burning iron powder to release high-T heat
Workshop 2: June 21th 2023: Circularity in the iron power cycle (regenerating iron oxide).
Workshop 3: September 13th, 2023: Creating an Iron Power market: business cases and early adopting sectors
Workshop 4: December 13th, 2023: Iron Power 2.0: next-generation concepts

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Metalot as non-profit organization, together with its members, has the ambition to be the leading institution to both bring Iron Power to its full potential, by acceleration its development and technology upscaling, and creating the onset of an iron powder market.

This series of workshops has two goals. On the one hand, it will give you an insider’s update on the progress made with respect to the key steps already taken to create and implement iron power into our future energy system. Furthermore, the current team together with interested workshop participants will search for and define new directions forward and define additional important development steps.



Attending the Metalot@Work series comes with a registration fee or membership, as these contributions are vital to keep the Metalot initiative on steam.

  • Employees of founders and cooperation partners have free access to the Metalot@Worksessions 
  • TU/e students have free access to the Metalot@Worksessions
  • Individual membership:              € 150 / workshop
    Metalot@Work March 22, 2023 = free of charge
  • Small organizations (< 25 p):      € 1.500 / year (bronze), full series, 1-2 participants
  • Large organizations (> 25 p):      € 4.000 / year (bronze), full series, 5 participants

If you are interested in Metalot memberships silver and gold, including specific business case assessment or devising a full project proposal, please contact here.

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