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Publication: 17 november 2022

More sustainable energy from iron powder

We are all familiar with hydrogen, electric batteries and thermal storage, but there is another candidate renewable energy carrier: iron powder. How can the use of iron powder enable major industries to become more sustainable faster? In this episode, we discuss the sustainable innovations possible with iron powder. After all, iron powder does not emit CO2 when burned and can be reused. Is iron powder the ideal carrier of sustainable energy? And how do you brew a sustainable beer with iron powder? 

Podcast BNR Eyeopeners

In this program, Nina van den Dungen talks weekly with three guests about smart technological innovations that will play a major role in the sustainable future. On Thursday, November 17, to be heard on BNR Nieuwsradio and via the links below as a full podcast (in Dutch):

In this podcast Nina van den Dungen talks to Philip de Goey, professor of mechanical engineering at TU Eindhoven and founder of the Metalot innovation Center. Philip is one of the founders for the idea of iron powder as an energy carrier. He explains how it works and then exactly what the advantages are. Mark Verhagen (co-founder & CEO of RIFT) also speaks about the start-up's activities.

What else can we do with iron powder as an energy carrier? Finally, Marthijn Junggeburt, sustainability manager at Royal Swinkels Family Brewers. explains how iron powder is one of the means that helps to brew beer in a circular way.The family business wants to brew fully circular by 2035. 

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