Home News Iron powder: necessary part of the energy transition
Publication: 1 juni 2021


We are on the verge of a global energy transition, of which the start is hindered by two big challenges:

  • The integration of sustainable energy in our current energy system: the availability of sustainable energy is slowly starting and must repress fossil energy quicker to prevent climate problems.
  • The absence of enough CO2-free variable capacity to ensure the long-term security of supply of sustainable energy. There is not one technology applicable everywhere.

Great alternative: iron powder

At this moment there is significantly invested in hydrogen as energy carrier. In many cases this is the most suitable solution: largescale storage of hydrogen is relatively difficult because of the security demands and the fact that it needs a lot of space. Salt caverns offer solutions, however they can’t be found everywhere in the Netherlands and are limited in size. Iron powder is a great alternative because it’s compact, safe, and cheaper to store and transport. Read more about this in the brochure “Empowering transitions”.

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