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Publication: 21 september 2023

Retrospective Metalot@Work September 13

Another great session on state-of-the-art in Iron Power.  

Metalot@Work #3 focussed on market creation for Iron Power by addressing powder availability (is there enough iron fuel and what runner up projects pave the way for the big commercial applications. Prof Philip de Goey welcomed all parties at the Metalot Future Energy Lab and in particular the new members Fenix (France), Carleton University (Canada) and GH Power (Canada).  

The program kicked off by looking at the fuel side first. Rudi Clayton (CEO Pometon) shared thoughts on availability of the fuel that sits at the base of Iron Power technology. He urged all iron producing companies to get iron power on their strategic agenda. Cooperation was the key word to jointly address and invest on a large scale in the production of metal powder. Second speaker, Ivo Dolk (CEO MIL International) addressed the safe transport and handling of iron powder. It was very assuring to learn that large experience and know how is available on the logistics of bulk powder handling. Ivo clearly highlighted the key safety and inspection aspects when transporting iron powder in bulk.  

After the break, the podium hosted 3 pitches:  

Pitch #1:  Introduction of new member Fenix Energy by Driss Laraqui.  

This ambitious French start-up supports the eco system with strong connections into Morocco. Regeneration based on affordable hydrogen is high on their agenda.  

Pitch #2: Introduction of a small application for Iron Power that could be done tomorrow.  

Prof. Em. Herman Beijerinck showed an interesting trade-off on options for housing cooperatives to convert traditional gas heating for high rise apartment buildings towards more sustainable alternatives. The scale of 200-300kW heating modules is a great fit. A nice match with demonstrated capabilities of our ecosystem partners is luring. 

Pitch #3: Introduction of Student Team SHIFT by Ivo van der Peet.  

Team Shift works on energy systems modelling, just having completed an analysis tool for electrolyzer performances last year. 

From these introduction pitches, the final two presentations stepped up to the bigger market opportunities.  

Sander Aukema (Uniper) addressed Iron Power for large scale district heating. The benefits of Iron Power are visible but the market is very dynamic and requires careful trade-offs between energy carriers/sources. The good news was clearly that Uniper is reaching out to the Iron Power community for help on identifying and creating the first real opportunity. The challenges will be big but the appetite to be a frontrunner on this long-term sustainable solution is definitely there. This was a very nice bridge towards the final presentation.  

Bram Albers and Maarten de Vries, both representing Roland Berger Institute gave an insight on the national growth fund (NGF) proposal preparations. An impressive strategic plan on the Iron Power contribution towards the energy transition with a fantastic position for Dutch know how on the world scale. 




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