Metalot is a dynamic project made for and by people.

For whom?

Metalot offers room for many initiatives and therefore many parties will be able to benefit.
An overview:


An innovative hotspot in your back garden does have a few interesting advantages, because Metalot is shaping the future of Cranendonck municipality and its surroundings. The project gives an economic boost and students, scholars, entrepreneurs, employees and suppliers in the entire region benefit from it.

Not just Metalot Site and Metalot3C make their contribution; Metalot Nature is also a very important initiative for the inhabitants. The 400 ha nature reserve offers room for leisure activities and nature experience, all this within reach via a new access road.

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Innovative companies

Developing an industrial estate is not so much about quickly selling square metres of land. Metalot wants to develop a sustainable industrial estate, with a focus on innovation. In a campus-like environment people will be given the chance to further develop ideas and brainstorm about the circular use of metals and renewable energy.

These initiatives may include young start-ups, as well as scientists and innovative companies. Companies join forces and thus create an acceleration of revolutionary developments in the field of metals and energy. This is not just a win for companies and research institutions, but also for the environment.

Research institutions

Metalot creates an international environment where research institutions will also feel perfectly at home. There is room to share knowledge and experience and researchers can go about their research activities in a practice-oriented environment. This will give unique and innovative ideas the chance to be developed and implemented much quicker. Just think of vehicles driven by zinc powder generated at Nyrstar by means of solar energy.

The project also offers opportunities for scholars and students. Metalot3C offers them the opportunity to gain experience and learn in a hands-on environment. This is how we invite a whole new generation to think with us about sustainable energy and other focus areas.

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By whom?

The following partners have accepted the challenge to turn Metalot into a success together with (inter)national companies, research institutions, educational institutions and governments.


The municipality of Cranendonck sees Metalot as a major boost for the local and regional economy. It is important to guarantee the liveability of our towns in the future.


Nyrstar is very proud of its zinc smelter. In terms of energy-efficiency we really made our way to the top. Also when it comes to environment, safety and production we continue to aim high. Therefore, Metalot is a perfect match with our story.


The synergy between partners ensures an acceleration of revolutionary developments in the area of metals and energy, and TU/e obviously wants to be a part of that.


It is Telos’ role to boost this kind of new sustainable initiatives to gain practical experience in the implementation of sustainable industrial developments.


The province hopes to achieve its sustainability goals by means of innovation and by investing in technology and knowledge development. Metalot is an excellent example of this endeavour.

Brainport Development

Brainport Development develops the regional economic strategy, develops and rolls out projects, offers business advice and innovative housing. Metalot’s initiatives are perfectly in line with these goals.

Metropolitan Region Eindhoven

Metalot has been made possible by funds of the Metropolitan Region Eindhoven.