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Publication: 24 september 2020

Start Future Energy Lab

Metalot is ready for the next phase. Metalot accelerates sustainable, circular developments in the field of metals and sustainable energy. This is done by combining knowledge and experience of scientists, education, the government and entrepreneurs. Recently the Future Energy Lab (FEL) in Cranendonck has opened its doors. At the FEL more research is executed on the next of the Metal Power project: the development of a test setup in a production environment. This is done, among other things, on the basis of a 100kW demonstration-setup.

Further development of Metalot

Prof. Philip de Goey, co-founder of Metalot together with Jan Vlassak: “Over the past years we mostly have been researching. With the FEL, the step towards practice is being made. With a firm financial support of the Alliantie Energieopslag of the province Noord-Brabant and together with many companies, we are building a Metalot organization with the goal to scale up new innovations and bring them to the market.”

Province contributes to development

The province Noord-Brabant contributes to the development of Metalot in the upcoming years. Deputy Erik Ronnes of Space: “Over the past few years our partners have created a good base. It is good news that we can continue building now. The province gladly supports the development center Metalot Future Energy Lab which will contribute to accelerating the energy transition. This is done through boosting promising technologies and systems and preparing the market. Especially in the field of re-usage of fuels such as metal fuels. We foresee the upcoming value of the existence of an innovation cluster around Metalot in the unique international environment of the Brainport- and Keyport region, where since the beginning of time innovation, research, entrepreneurship and education has come together.

Future Energy Lab in usage

The FEL is established at the business park Airpark in Budel (Cranendonck). Since June the location is in usage and the 100kW demonstration setup is working to fully generate CO2-less energy. A fuel to provide this energy is iron powder, with which the rest product (rust powder) goes back into the system causing the system to be fully circular. With sustainable energy iron powder can be created from this. Since the summer student teams of the TU/E, together with employees of companies and universities, are working at the FEL. Among other things they are testing which iron powders give the best result. For the upcoming years other setups, also in the field of hydrogen and batteries, will come up. At the FEL there is also room for meetings and meetups can be organized.

Future-proof energy carriers

At the FEL Metalot focusses on three new and future-proof energy carries: metal fuels, new battery applications and the use of hydrogen. Within Metalot innovations, research, entrepreneurship and education come together and revolutionary, sustainable, circular developments are accelerated. Metalot brings new value chains in the field of knowledge institutions, the government and businesses together. Next to that it creates joint future visions and develops concrete projects to give meaning to these future visions. Besides practical systems are expanded, in collaboration with the formed partnerships, to market developed knowledge (IP). Hereby the reuse of fuels and CO2-neutral applications of metals and energy are the main focus.

Participation through collaborations partners

Recently the organization structure of Metalot is adjusted to the new phase and the participation possibilities of the upcoming period are enhanced. Investors and companies can become members and actively participate. Together technology is developed, business cases are built, financing is attracted, and organization-exceeding innovations are realized.

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