Metalot Meet: Recycling | 29 May, 2019

You are invited to attend the ‘Metalot Meet: Recycling’ on 29 May, 2019.


The world is changing! The way we care about our resources becomes ever more relevant. As engineers it is our moral duty to minimize the irreversible loss of resources we use for our products. This is all embedded in the word “Circular economy” that covers the full circle from sourcing the materials for the fabrication of our products until the recovery of the materials for reuse. Preferably without any quality loss and minimum of spillage.


Key factor for successful reuse of materials is to include the most effective and economic way on how to recycle the product during the design phase. Design should allow for easy dismantling of products with materials separated according to available recycling techniques. To make this happen it is important that recycling techniques will be improved and new recovery processes will be developed.


During the seminar Antoinette van Schaik will discuss key issues applicable to recycling and the Circular Economy. She will elaborate on the crucial role of metallurgical infrastructures for the recovery of metals linked to manual and automated separation technologies. Limitations of the current processes as well as technical challenges for the future will be highlighted in terms of thermodynamics, technology platforms, digitalisation of the CE processes and Design for Recycling. In addition TU/e student team CORE will pitch its project plan to treat batteries in an innovative furnace operation process.



15.00-15.30h     Walk-in with coffee and tea
15.30-15.35h     Welcome by Steef Steeneken, Global Products’ Technical and Market Development Manager at Nyrstar
15.35-15.50h     ‘The link between Metalot and recycling’ by Piet-Jan Vet, Business Development Manager at Metalot
15.50-16.35h     ‘Challenges of the Circular Economy and Recycling‘ by Antoinette van Schaik, Director at Material Recycling and Sustainability (MARAS) B.V.
16.35-16.45h     Pitch by team CORE


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Venue: Room 0.31, Ceres building (number 6 on the map), Eindhoven University of Technology


I hope to welcome you on May 29th!

Prof.dr. Philip de Goey
Chairman, Metalot3C