Start international Research & Development Center: Metalot3C

Budel, 12 April 2017 – Innovative companies, students, scientists and governments are today joining their knowledge to further shape the development of Metalot, and more specifically the Metalot Circularity Center Cranendonck (Metalot3C).

Metalot is the hotspot for revolutionary developments in the field of full (re)use of metals and energy. The campus-like Metalot3C is specifically aimed at joining knowledge about these topics and accelerating the development of new applications.

Metalot3C CEO Han van Kasteren: “Opinion leaders have brainstormed in detail about topics like energy storage, use of residual heat and metal recovery. Matters that are developed nowhere else in Europe in this combination. The fact that we were able to rely on cross-fertilization from both the academic and business world, governments and research institutions made sure that strongly innovative ideas were explored.

And this is how the core of the Metalot3C community was born. The workshops to define the topics that Metalot3C would be exploring to stand out were welcomed with great interest. More than 35 people from 20 companies and 30 researchers of four universities and research centres signed up to participate. During the festive opening at the end of the afternoon 30 managers and other people involved joined in to open Metalot3C with the necessary FIRE and SPARKLE.’

Philip de Goey, chairman of the board: “In the long-term more than €50 million will be invested in this research centre. Our strength will be that we will immediately go ahead with unique ideas and facilities in the field of reuse of metals and sustainable energy generation and storage, and because we will be able to actually apply the ideas at our campus.”

The first researchers have now moved into the labs and production halls of zinc melting company Nyrstar in Budel-Dorplein. A good start of a growing research centre as basis of the promising Metalot organisation. One goal today was to convert the bubbling enthusiasm in long-term involvement and create smart partnerships.

In the long term Metalot will also include an experience centre (Metaluon) and a sustainable industrial site (Metalot Site) that will rely on the knowledge acquired and innovation of Metalot3C. Finally, Metalot will also invest in nature (Metalot Nature).